Dr Wehbe combines her world-rank global MBA with 20+years of experience in psychiatry, with her interest in safe practice and digital data security, when working with professionals who have a busy career and who travel nationally and internationally.

Dr Wehbe consulted, treated and facilitated successful career growth for a number of professionals, business owners and corporate executives. Dr Wehbe provides an efficient and successful input into the complex medico-legal and industrial matters, with the most optimal outcomes for her patients.

Dr Wehbe brings expertise in:

  • consulting professionals who are based or travel in Australia and overseas
  • management of complex health issues and career in executive corporate employees.
  • acilitation, overseeing and managing the process of return to work for a range of professionals and corporate patients and clients
  • psychology of corporate leadership
  • medico-legal and insurance systems dilemmas
  • sensitive data security for professionals who prefer to keep their health confidential

SERVICES offered (outpatient or inpatient settings):

  • Corporate psychiatry: career management, burn out, group dynamics, redundancy
  • ‘Global mobility’ patients (travelling, relocating, migrating)
  • Successful return to work
  • Medico-legal complexities
  • Loss of working capacity: return to the optimal health and wealth
  • Linking health with successful career
  • Merging mental and physical health

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