Dr Wehbe acted as a medico-legal evidence expert and as a witness for plaintiffs and defendants.

She worked closely with a numbers of employment law and family law teams whilst supporting her patients in their recovery.

Dr Wehbe provides an efficient input, with the optimal outcome for her patients and clients in the areas of:

  • Employment and Industrial Law: redundancy, work harassment and bullying, unfair dismissal, work-related serious injury
  • Family Law : custody, separation and divorce disputes involving health-related concerns of one or both parties

Exclusive benefits:

  • teleconference with legal team
  • secure digital information storage
  • quality medical records reproduction
  • distant assessment (patient is interstate or overseas)

Dr Wehbe offers:

  • quality assessments, locally and internationally
  • medico-legal reports: IME, treating practitioner, expert
  • exclusive environment of sensitive data security to her patients, clients and their legal team.

Expected wait time for the assessment – up to 2 weeks
Expected time accomplishment for the medico-legal report – 2 weeks

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